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Notice of 2022 AGM

The ANPA Annual General Meeting will be held at the Supper Room, Wagga Wagga Showgrounds, at 2.30pm on Saturday, July 23. The room is adjacent to the show hall being used for the National.


The agenda will be:

1. Apologies.

2. Reading of Minutes of 2021 AGM.

3. Matters Arising from 2021 AGM Minutes.

4. Report by the President.

5. Report by the Secretary.

6. Correspondence.

7. Report by Treasurer and production of ANPA financial statement for 2021-22.

8. Appointment of Auditor.

9. Reports by Ring Coordinator, Membership Coordinator and Election Supervisor and National Show Coordinator.

10. Election results and installation of new officers.

11. Announcement of National Awards (if any).

12. Announcement of the next National Show venue and date.

General Business:

  1. Motion by the President, supported by 10 members as required by the Constitution.

That eligibility for membership of the ANPA committee be limited to those directly elected by members. Note: Currently the committee embraces many appointed roles which have not been elected by our membership.

No other matters of general business have been advised.

The ANPA Constitution states:

Only matters advised in the notice convening the AGM will be discussed in General Business, unless there were exceptional circumstances and then the President/Chairperson may allow discussion on these additional matters. Only members in attendance can vote on these additional matters, therefore, the President/Chairperson should not allow a final decision to be made on important issues to be raised in this manner.

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