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This is a current list of ANPA members and clubs. If your details need changing, please message membership coordinator Werner Zimmer. Details in the Contacts section. If you would like to become a member, click here.


Note: Membership expires at March 31 annually.

(As at June 2024)

(As at June 2024)

Members Code of Conduct



The Australian National Pigeon Association (ANPA) exists to promote and foster the advancement of the pigeon hobby throughout Australia.

Members of ANPA have a responsibility to uphold that aim and are bound by the following CODE OF CONDUCT AND CODE OF ETHICS.

The Codes are designed to help members define and use the sort of behaviour that is appropriate as a member of the Australian National Pigeon Association.



Appropriate Behaviour


Participate for the enjoyment of the hobby and be proud of being an ANPA member.

Be conscious of the need to improve the advancement of the pigeon fancy. Listen, ask questions, and watch others to see how you can better yourself in the hobby.


Be a TEAM PLAYER - get along with other members. Appreciate the contribution each person makes to the fancy, however small that contribution may seem to you.


Always be a GOOD SPORT and set a positive example for others.


RESPECT other members, judges, and your elected officials. Never do anything that in any way makes another person feel bad.

Never argue with the judge about any decision. Instead, enquire why a decision was made.


Learn to lose with dignity and to win with grace.


Do not embarrass yourself and other members by verbally abusing or insulting officials or other members. By showing a positive attitude towards the fancy and all of its participants, everyone will benefit.


Never criticise an official. Instead, support and help officials to assist them in doing a better or improved job.


When attending shows and events with your fellow participants, treat others, as you would like to be treated.


Show interest in other members, ask questions and congratulate them on their efforts and achievements.


Support ANPA in your contact with others in the fancy. Remember that ANPA can only be as strong as the collective endeavours of all its members.


Winning is a consideration, but not the only one, nor the most important. Care more about participation than winning. Remember that members are involved in the fancy for fun and enjoyment. 


To be in the hobby is great, to live the hobby is greater but, remember that IT IS ONLY A HOBBY.






ANPA Committee Members will:

  • Perform their duties with professionalism and integrity, and efficiently represent the views of their representative members;

  • Observe fairness and equity in official dealings with other committee members and the general membership;

  • Exercise skill, care, and diligence in performing official duties and use an authority in a fair and unbiased manner;

  • Avoid situations where personal, financial or other interests, conflict with the member's official, duties;

  • Not use or disclose official information, other than for official purposes; and remember, democratic majority decisions of Committee should be supported by all as the majority decision, irrespective of your personal viewpoint.

  • Demonstrate loyalty to the Association and exercise discretion when representing the Association in a public forum;

  • Participate in a team-based approach in the exercise of their responsibilities.


Members will:

  • Conscientiously promote the advancement of the pigeon fancy by upholding ANPA's Code of Conduct;

  • Actively participate in club activities and lend support to others in the fancy;

  • Be accountable for their actions and exercise due care and respect when participating in club activities.

  • Act honestly and with integrity in their dealings within the 'fancy'.

  • Respect the rights of individuals and treat other members courteously.


Where there is disagreement or conflict about aspects of the Codes, the aggrieved member can request clarification or seek changes by writing to the Committee.


Conduct violations


a) Any member engaged in chastising or rude questioning directed at the judge at any time, before, during or after the judging.

b) Any member that verbally or physically attacks another ANPA member at any ANPA's show.


c) Any member handling and/or disturbing another exhibitor's birds without permission, or the willful damage to the property of another exhibitor.

d) Any member that withdraws his/her entries from the show prior to the authorised release time without permission from the Show Secretary.


e) Any member found guilty of cheating.


f) Any member creating a disturbance or distributing propaganda material on ANPA show premises either before, during or after the show.

g) Any member identifying his or her birds in the presence of the judge, failing to stand a reasonable distance from or attempting to influence the judge in any way.


h) Any member in violation of ANPA's published show rules and conditions.


i) Any member found stealing pigeons or personal property of another breeder/exhibitor, either in or out of the show rooms.


j) Any member distributing degrading literature or correspondence about ANPA officers.


k) Any member found guilty of fraudulent practices, or whose conduct impairs the welfare of the Australian National Pigeon Association.


Penalties for Sportsmanship Conduct Violations:

Penalties for "sportsmanship Conduct Violations" will be the decision of the ANPA committee. Depending on the severity and frequency of the violation, the Committee may take one of the following actions. The Committee wili act based on a two-thirds vote of the entire committee.

Procedure to receive complaints of Unsportsmanlike or Conduct violations:


a) Unsportsmanlike conduct in the Showroom:

Any ANPA member in. good standing that has witnessed a sportsmanship conduct violation as outlined will report the violation to the Show Secretary. The Show Secretary will investigate the complaint and report his findings to the ANPA Secretary who will be required to report the complaint to the President. The Secretary will supply the entire committee with a copy of the complaint, witness names and statements, and a statement from the accused in their defense. The President and the Secretary, in consultation with one another, will recommend the appropriate penalty, The penalty will apply if it reaches a two-thirds vote of the entire committee.

The Secretary will notify the accused of the penalty, verbally at the earliest opportunity followed in writing within 7 days.


b) Unsportsmanlike Conduct outside the Show Rooms:

Any ANPA member in good standing may report a sportsmanship conduct violation to the Secretary who will investigate the complaint and report his findings to the President. If the findings warrant penalty action, the Secretary will initiate action using the same guidelines for complaints of violations in the show room.


Penalties for a) and b) above:

a) No action.

b) Letter of warning. (After receiving a letter of warning, a repeat violation will receive a greater penalty.)

c) Conditions placed on membership.

d) One year suspension from exhibiting or judging at an ANPA show.

e) Three-year suspension from exhibiting or judging at ANPA shows.

f) Five-year suspension from exhibiting or judging at ANPA shows.

g) Lifetime expulsion as a member of the Australian National Pigeon Association.


Note: Any member that is serving a suspension will not be permitted to hold ANPA office during the course of the suspension.



Please see Section 10 of the ANPA Constitution.

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