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Rota vaccine update 18 February

Rotavirus Vaccine: The contract between Latrobe University and Treidlia Biovet and side agreement between Treidlia and the ANRPB (Aust National Pigeon Racing Board) have now been signed. This media release is from the ANRPB but also informs fancy pigeon breeders.

Dr Mark White has now received the “package” and the Treidlia Biovet internal Research and Development for the “Manufacturing Stage” has commenced. This is required to ensure the technology is performing as it should when produced on a larger scale in a different laboratory with different equipment and staff. It is still too early to provide an exact timeline for when the vaccine will become available. However, Dr White believes that, if all goes smoothly, we do have a fighting chance of having the vaccine available before racing commences this year. A clearer picture should emerge over the next month or two.

As previously advised Dr White is planning to make application for a permit that would allow pigeon owners to vaccinate their birds as per PMV. However, it is possible that this aspect of the application may not be approved by the regulatory authority because the rota vaccine is being produced by authority of a permit.

The ANRPB strongly supports Dr White’s application.

2 The ANRPB has negotiated with Dr White for priority of access to the first batch of the rota vaccine for those who have contributed to the ANRPB Disease Management Fund.

The ANRPB will provide further information with regard to vaccine distribution in the coming weeks, as should the distribution aspect of the permit application not be successful, then the vaccine will only be available via a veterinarian with whom owners have a vet/client relationship (i.e., inspects the birds before supply or has seen the birds in recent times for other reasons).

Summary As reported in our January release Dr Mark White, of Treidlia Biovet, is of the view that we are in with a fighting chance of having a rota vaccine available before racing this year. Dr White maintains this to be the case.

The ANRPB will endeavor to keep pigeon owners across the country reliably informed with developments over the coming weeks and months.

The ANRPB acknowledges that pigeon fanciers across the country have experienced a “dark and trying period” caused by rotavirus mortalities. However, there is now sunlight at the end of that dark period of time. Consequently, all pigeon owners are encouraged to look forward with more optimism as racing and showing returns to normal later this year.

Yours in Our Hobby and Sport; for and on behalf of the Australian National Racing Pigeon Board Inc.

Greg Kakoschke Chair: ANRPB Inc Press Release drafted by Greg Kakoschke and approved by Board Members

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