Rota vaccine survey

The Australian National Racing Pigeon Board (ANRPB) wants to ensure that flyers/fanciers in Australia can access the Rota Virus vaccine (when available) in the most efficient manner possible. To that end we are requesting that individuals and clubs provide the ANRPB with feedback as to their intentions (to purchase the vaccine or not). In addition the ANRPB has asked some additional questions to provide a baseline of data for clubs in Australia. Results (with all names and club details redacted) will be available on the ANRPB website.

The survey has been provided in two parts - part A essential to complete, and part B voluntary to complete. We would appreciate both parts being completed. This survey may be completed by individuals or clubs, but names and clubdetails (in the first instant) is essential to ensure no information is duplicated.

The survey information ( as received by the ANRPB secretary) will not beprovided to the ANRPB committee - only the base data as noted above. Please pass this survey and letter to any of your flyer/fancier friends to ensure we get the most comprehensive result we can.

Please return the survey soonest, or by 31 March 2018.

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