Rota vaccine latest plus survey results

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

The ANRPB has posted an up-to-date statement on Rota vaccine progress and its survey of flyers and pigeon fanciers Click on PDF statements below.

Dr Mark White of Treidlia Biovet has this week provided the following update; We have had to apply for a one month extension in which to put in our second information dossier to the government regulator.

Their list of requirements is quite extensive. Some of the data we have to generate ourselves, i.e., do our own R&D. We are still waiting on Latrobe University for some other information. Other questions can’t really be answered within a reasonable timeframe for an emergency permit so instead we will be lodging arguments as to why they shouldn’t apply in this case.

Meanwhile we are working on our pilot batches. It’s still hard to say when the vaccine will be available but at the earliest it would be another couple of months. But it could be longer.


Racing pigeon May 18 Rota virus release

Rota vaccine survey May 2018

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