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Nominate a judge for the 2023 National

From the ANPA National Show Coordinator, Frank Hayes. Following the good news that the 2023 National Show at Ipswich is now on the map, I would draw members attention to the need for nominations of Judges.


There are some changes to the nomination forms below which need to be clearly and fully completed and submitted by 31st January 2023 to be considered.

Do not leave it to the last minute to nominate. This is particularly important for Specialist Club Secretaries who particularly need to follow their questions on the forms relating to the nominees national and other judging experience of the breed before signing them.

It would be a bonus if 2023 can see the return of some international judges.

The recommendations for selection of nominated judges are based on the following order of priority

1) Affiliated Specialist Breed Club

2) Group of eligible* Individuals who keep the breed (where no specialist club exists)

3) Eligible* Individual who keeps the breed,

4) Host Club

5) Affiliated All Breed clubs

6) Eligible* Individual(s) who don’t keep the breed.

*Eligible means an ANPA member or member of the Host Club unless ANPA is Host in which case members of Affiliated Clubs based in the Host State may also exhibit.

judge nomination 23 domestic
Download PDF • 505KB

judge nomination 23 overseas
Download PDF • 530KB

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