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ANPA initiatives to grow hobby

The ANPA Committee has adopted a number of initiatives aimed at supporting and growing the hobby.


Contribution to host clubs of the National Pigeon Show 1. The contribution from ANPA to host clubs will be lifted from $2,000 to $5,000. This is in acknowledgement of the growing costs of host clubs both financially and manpower to host a National Show. 2. It is recognised in the major capital cities; especially Sydney and Melbourne the cost to host a National is very high especially around venue hire. An increased contribution will be considered by the ANPA committee if there is a bid from a club for these locations. Sponsorship of Specialist Clubs by ANPA for Overseas Judges 1. ANPA will make an annual sponsorship of to any specialist club towards expenses to acquire an overseas judge for their breed or breeds they represent. 2. To qualify for the sponsorship the entry for that breed at the National Pigeon Show must be 200 exhibits the previous year. For every 100 entries above 200 an extra $100 will be paid. Eg: 300 entries will be a $350 payment 3. The funds will be made available at the following National Show when the overseas judge has officiated at that National. 4. Funds can be accumulated for more than one year but will only be paid when the overseas judge officiates. 5. Qualification will be from the 2019 Adelaide National Pigeon Show, making first payments available at the 2020 National Pigeon Show. ANPA sponsored overseas judge 1. ANPA will contribute to the costs to acquire a judge from overseas for the National Pigeon Show to judge a combination of breeds that are not supported by specialist clubs. 2. The ANPA committee will base the decision on entries received in breeds at previous Nationals and the likely breed entry numbers for the next year’s National. ANPA sponsorship of a state based all breed clubs event. 1. Annually ANPA will seek submissions from state based clubs for initiatives that will support the fancy pigeon hobby in that state. 2. Submissions need to be made by 31 December of each year so the ANPA committee can finalise the allocations by 28 February. 3. Examples of event that would qualify may be supporting an anniversary show, promotion event or a program to bring new members to the club. Any worthwhile proposal will be considered. 4. The value of the total commitment is $500 per annum but can be split if two successful bids are made. ANPA sponsorship of a photographer for the National Pigeon Show 1. ANPA will make an annual contribution of $1,000 to support an international or local pigeon photographer for the National Show. An annual review will be completed by ANPA following the National Pigeon Show each year to assess the success of the sponsorships and contributions. It will also form the position around each initiative for its ongoing support

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