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Updated: Aug 15, 2020

The cancellation of the 2020 ANPA National and the ongoing issues with COVID-19 and border closures have presented ANPA with a challenge regards holding an AGM this year.

Guidance has been received from Consumer & Business Services, South Australia (CBS, SA), through which we are incorporated, that due to the virus a six month extension has been granted to hold an AGM and lodge our financial records.

Our AGM was to be held on Saturday, July 25, so we have until January 25, 2021, to do so.

CBS, SA also says “If technology can be used, associations may wish to consider holding a 'virtual' AGM (either online, or via teleconference).”

The ANPA Committee has been discussing options and has decided our AGM will be held using the ZOOM video application on Sunday, October 4, at 1pm (Queensland time); this is 2pm in NSW, Tasmania and Victoria; 1.30pm in South Australia and 11am in WA.


Meetings are easy to join, and rather than me going into detail, the two videos at the end of this message explain how to do it step-by-step. It might sound daunting at first but it isn’t and it is free for meetings of 100 people, so there would be no cost. We only require a quorum of 19 members, but the more the merrier.

The videos talk about being sent a link to a meeting, I would be the person doing that.

Ideally, you need a computer with an inbuilt camera and microphone and any computer, laptop or tablet purchased in recent years will have these. It is also possible to buy plug in cameras and microphones relatively cheaply. I have used both the software already in my computer and a plug in and there wasn’t enough difference to make me want to go out and buy a plug-in one.

You can use ZOOM on your phone, but although I haven’t tried this, the principle remains the same.

The advantage of ZOOM is there is no need for anybody to spend potentially thousands of dollars to be in one place for the AGM and given the fresh virus cases in Victoria in recent days and closed borders, we might end up having to cancel an in-person meeting anyway.

No matter where you live it is simple to join a meeting, and to participate in discussion and decision making. ANPA has members all around the country and this is democracy at work.

The meetings can be recorded so there is a permanent record of exactly what was said and decided, plus those unable to attend can view the recording later. As Secretary, I would transcribe the meeting minutes from that recording.

Clubs and groups of members and friends could even gather at a venue, a clubhouse or someone’s home, and tie the meeting in with a social get together or club meeting and there will be a limited trial run in advance.

Can I suggest clubs who have many members uncomfortable with a computer or technology find a venue and then use a service such as to either bring a computer and set up the software and stay to ensure there is no issue, or to set it up on the computer of a member who is having a get together with clubs or groups of members.

Children or grandchildren or members on the lower end of the age spectrum will be very comfortable with this kind of program and can also be a useful resource. Schools have been using ZOOM to hold classes during lockdown.


1. Email me at or send me a message through Facebook if you are already comfortable with this software.

2. Our Constitution states: Members wishing any matter of General Business raised at the AGM must advise the Secretary, in writing, 90 days prior to the AGM. 10 members must support this matter in writing. This means you must advise me of any matter you want put on the agenda (with support) by midnight on Saturday, July 4.

Sorry for the relatively short notice, however parts of the Constitution were framed before technology became as simple as it is now.

Brad Turner, ANPA Secretary

Videos about downloading ZOOM and joining a meeting

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