Members are reminded that the Annual General Meeting of the Australian National Pigeon Association (ANPA) will be held at the Commercial Club 618 Dean Street Albury. NSW, on Sunday, June 11, at 11am.

The purpose of the meeting is to consider the following business:

  • Bids for future National Shows, installation of officers as required, receipt of reports and accounts.

  • Proposed amendments to the Constitution.

  • Progress of the vaccine for the Rota virus.

  • The future resumption of shows.

  • Review of leg rings and

  • Facebook.

Dr Colin Walker has agreed to address members on the Rota virus at the Commercial Club on the afternoon of Saturday, June 10, in Albury at 2pm.

An informal dinner will be held at the Commercial Club on Saturday evening where everyone is welcome.

As a precaution, and in keeping with the best biosecurity practices, attendees should wear different clothing and footwear to that they wear in their lofts.

NSW Vice President Bill Vost (0417 990 010) can provide further details.

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